Unleashing the potential of Malawi’s farmers

365 Tipindule is an agritech firm in Malawi. We provide cutting-edge integrated information technology that empowers Malawi’s smallholder farmers. By offering access to the most advanced financial products and data analytics available on the market today

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What We Do

365 Tipindule offers comprehensive support to farmers throughout the entire agricultural lifecycle – all the way from the initial planting to the sale of their products. Our broad, integrated, and highly advanced technology helps provide farmers with financial assistance and access to insurance, as well as the data-driven insights required for the highest quality and most productive farming.

Our dedicated team of field agents are active across Malawi. They collect invaluable data from farms that can be used to drive up productivity and profits. Our specialists also offer training to farmers in how to utilize this data and leverage next-generation technology to maximize value.

The 365 Tipindule platform can also be used to bridge the gap between financial entities and smallholder farmers. Our technology provides analysis of farmers’ historical and current financial health, and therefore helps banks and other lenders assess the creditworthiness of farmers more accurately. The result? A smaller risk of default and more informed financial decisions.

Why 365 Tipindule fintech?

Team Work

We prioritize collaboration and teamwork. Being a member of our team means joining a nurturing, cooperative, and driven environment. Diverse perspectives are not just welcomed, but are recognized as integral to our goals.


Tailoring creative solutions to the needs of our clients requires bold thinking. Working with 365 Tipindule means being part of a dynamic team that is at the forefront of the most exciting developments in Africa’s agritech space.

Client First

We operate constantly with a client-centric mindset. We understand the unique needs and challenges faced by our clients in the fast-paced agritech environment. We help alleviate these pressures and empower farmers to drive up productivity and success.

Maximizing Value


Our platform brings together organizations of all different sizes – ensuring they can all become more effective, productive, and sustainable.

365 Tipindule leverages cutting-edge technology and data analytics to provide actionable insights into the creditworthiness of farmers. We are able to access alternative data sources that are unavailable to other platforms, including farming practices, historical yields, and market trends. 365 Tipindule is a crucial tool for lenders needing to make well-informed decisions.


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Work with Us

365 Tipindule stands as your trusted partner as we work towards the shared goal of transforming Malawi’s agritech industry. Join us in empowering farmers, driving higher growth, and building a more sustainable future.

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