About Us


Welcome to 365 Tipindule Fintech, where the synergy of innovation and agriculture converges to empower farmers and redefine the landscape of agricultural finance

By ensuring that they use the required and necessary inputs for them to succeed. We aim to bridge the financial exclusion gap that exists among smallholder farmers. By enabling access to affordable advanced input credit, Training farmers on better agronomic practices, readily available markets, and insurance.

We aim at unlocking smallholder farmers’ potential to thrive in agriculture production and profitability. We recognize the importance of knowledge and education in empowering smallholder farmers, this is why we deliver training sessions in financial literacy and agriculture practices.


To transform the financial landscape for smallholder farmers across Malawi.


To provide innovative and flexible solutions tailored specifically for smallholder farmers

How does it work?

Farmers work with field agents when registering through our platform and the farmers are oriented on what the system is and how they can benefit.

Credit lender checks the credit capacity of the individual registered farmers and if they have outstanding loans with other entities they can view such kind of information.

Once a farmer qualifies for the applied loan he is either given in kind or cash through the bank in regard to the kind of loan that he applied. There is a special repayment plan that the farmer chooses with regard to the crop type.

At Tipindule 365 we also work with cooperatives and village banks through digital group banking where all operations of the cooperative are made flexible.

Our Promise

When you choose Tipindule Agri Fintech, you're choosing more than just a financial service provider. You're joining a movement to transform agriculture into a dynamic, forward-thinking industry that benefits all its participants.

We promise to remain steadfast in our commitment to innovation, inclusivity, and empowerment, as we continue to pave the way for a brighter future for farmers everywhere.